Michael Gispert
2 min readMar 18, 2021

Chase Gispert

Hard News Story

March 8, 2021

Hammond, Louisiana- An unknown pastor has become very known on Southeastern’s campus. He preaches about religion in the middle of campus every Thursday to anyone of ears.

An unknown no more, this preacher has gotten the attention of the Southeastern student body. Some say he’s out of place while others don’t mind him so much. How would you react to having a preacher on campus. Well, let’s ask a few students what they think. “I think it is a little ridiculous to be honest with you…” one student named Ethan Delery says. “I get that freedom of religion is an important thing but this feels forced. I keep my views to myself as should he.” Is this student right? Maybe this guy is out of line. Some students surround the preacher with BLM posters. Is he really saying anything against BLM? I was confused so I asked one student and she said she is using the opportunity to promote a cause that she stands for. “I’m glad the pastor comes. It gives me a chance to get to say my piece and bring attention to a cause that I believe in,” says Caitlyn Washington. Students letting their voices be heard and standing up for what they believe in is truly an awesome thing. Maybe this preacher has inspired students to speak out for what they believe in. Some students think it’s over the top and don’t want to hear the man. He does paint a dark picture and for what? I guess he is trying to help the youth. Or at least he thinks he is. Most people don’t want to be bothered and would like to go about their day without hearing some old guy babble about religion. Then again his presence has led to some students being more outspoken and vocal about their own personal beliefs. Overall this seems to be a good thing for Southeastern. Especially with all the things going on in our country right now it is important for the youth’s voices to be heard. After all, we are the next generation. Maybe Southeastern is a better place with Mr. Pastor in it no matter if you believe in his ideology or not. He seems to have brought out the voices of the Southeastern student body.

With the social movements this summer with BLM people feel more comfortable speaking out on issues that they feel passionate about. The youth is the future of America and it appears to be in great hands. Funny how this crazy pastor has created a ripple affect of other people joining in and standing up for their causes. Conversation is needed in our society especially right now. It’s important to know where someone is coming from so we can understand each other and fight battles together instead of for one another.

Michael Gispert

Hi, I go by Chase which is my middle name and I am a Comm major who currently is a sophomore at Southeastern Louisiana University